Don't Say That!

Don't Say That!

2 0 hace 7 años
Just a fun show with music about an article I read this morning. The article, from the Huffington Post, is called "8 things gay men should stop saying". We'll go over the article as I play some of my favorite music from my past shows. Listen in.

all artist and music used under a creative commons Attribution 3.0 license.


  1. 07:56
    Alex - Embrace The Taste (ft. Snowflake & Donnie Ozone)
  2. 14:42
    TINASHE - Who Am I Working For? Ft. A$VP
  3. 19:43
    Loveshadow - TheoBromaCacao (ft. Lisa Leza Anka Ole')
  4. 25:52
    Loveshadow - pieCES ( the wrong reason )


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